2011 Nov LifeStream Mission

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Renton, Washington, U.S.A.



MISSION DATESNovember 7-9 (Monday to Wednesday)

Although actual Mission days are only expected to be Monday –Wednesday, the rest of the week (Thursday - Saturday) can be used as post-mission vacation days for U.S. missionaries and volunteers from outside the island.


Prayer time and final briefing prior to the Mission proper is on Sunday, November 6, 5:00 PM in Boracay.  All U.S. team members, pastors, task force members, and volunteers are required to attend for obvious reasons. The meeting venue is still to be determined.  U.S. Team members will trickle into the island at different times prior to that date. The team coming from Iloilo will depart at 8:00 AM, Sunday, November 6 via rented vans and should be in Boracay in time for the briefing.

NOTE: We will consider an alternate schedule due to Sunday schedule conflicts with pastors on the team.


All missionaries from the U.S. as well as local volunteers are expected to raise their own funds and are responsible for all their expenses during the mission - except for lunch during the actual mission days (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday).

For U.S. team members, we are suggesting a budget of $2,500 as a nice, safe figure per person to cover airline tickets, hotel accommodations, land transportation and food expenses with some added for allowance.

As far as expenses for task force members from Iloilo are concerned, we will be sensitive in helping those who have integral roles in the mission, but have financial issues. However, we need to keep personnel expenses to a minimum due to inherent financial constraints for the mission. LifeStream is a small church with very modest income and is not receiving mission funds from any other party.

We are praying for doctors, dentists and nurses from the US, Manila & Iloilo who will decide to schedule their vacation including the Mission Week (Nov 7-11). In our attempt to recruit volunteers, we mention the obvious fact that with actual Mission days only expected to be Monday - Wednesday, Thursday–Sunday could be an excellent stretch of vacation days in the Island! It’s a perfect chance for the proverbial “hitting 2 birds with one stone” scenario.

As we engage in “recruiting” possible team members, I’m hoping that you know someone who knows someone who is just waiting for a chance like this.  So please share this mission opportunity with others!


We have 3 target areas in the island. So far, only 2 churches have confirmed to host this endeavor and partner with us. This is obviously a work in progress and we will keep you updated as things develop 

TARGET AREA                                      CONTACT

  1. 1.Mountain of God Foursquare-           Pastor Jun Falogme
  2. 2.Treasure Island Foursquare-            Pastor Anoni Escarilla
  3. 3.Mission of Love Foursquare-           Pastorr Marissa Familara (Not yet confirmed)

Host churches are free from any financial responsibility for mission expenses! They are expected to:

  1. Get their site ready
  2. Mobilize local volunteers from their church
  3. Pre-register people in their community
  4. Assist in recruitment of Medical/Dental volunteers for their


Whether we’re doing 2 or 3 locations, actual missions will be conducted from Monday, Nov. 7 thru Wednesday, Nov 9.

Target areas are in close proximity to each other so we will not have to drive a long way to any of the sites. The schedule below anticipates 3 locations. If we end up doing just one location, we will do 2 days of consecutive mission there.

  1. Monday, November-           Mountain of God
  2. Tuesday, November-         Treasure Island
  3. Wednesday, November-   Mission of Love (Not yet confirmed)




Virtually the same format is followed in the conduct of the mission in each location. Each session normally goes for about 7 hours from 9:00 till 4:00– 3 hours in the AM; Lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00 and resume till 4:00 or 5:00 PM. Quitting time usually varies depending on the number of patients.


We hold a closing/reporting/thanksgiving/awarding time when we can at the end of each session.




9:00 A.M.  - General Assembly - Welcome/Intro/Instructions/Worship/Gospel presentation


10:00 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.  - Individual Counseling/prayer/ affirmation of decision for Christ/medical/dental services/goodies = A bag of goodies, an item from the “balikbayan” boxes (used clothing, shoes, toys, etc), a bag of refreshment, a hug, a smile and a blessing!



12:30 PM – 4:00 P.M. –(More of the same). Individual Counseling/prayer/ affirmation of decision for Christ/medical/dental services/goodies = A bag of goodies, an item from the “balikbayan” boxes (used clothing, shoes, toys, etc), a bag of refreshment, a hug, a smile and a blessing!


PRE-REGISTRATION: each sponsoring church for each location will conduct pre-registration to get a rough estimate of the number of patients we anticipate serving. We expect 100 to 200 patients per location.



Penas (Art & Genevieve) - 2

Heide Pena-Shelton - Divinagracia - 1

Bernard Bentley - 1

Vallie Pavino - 1

Lansangs(Angel & Pam) - 2

There are several other possible team members who have not yet made final confirmation.

All parties above are flying to the Philippines on different airlines and different dates.

Pastor Art and Genevieve plan to fly to Manila on Monday, October 31st, and arriving there on Tuesday morning, November 1st. Then, they will fly to Iloilo the same day. Art's cell phone number in the Philippines is: 0920-507-0570.



IN ILOILO:  The U.S. TEAM will stay at SMALLVILLE 21 HOTEL in the Smallville complex from Tuesday, November 1 thru Saturday, November 5. Our contact is Hotel Manager, Jude Jabinigay. Hotel Phone:  033-335-8821 and Mobile: 0920-918-8821.

IN BORACAY:  This is still a work in progress. The Penas, Heide Shelton and the Lansangs will stay at ASTORIA BORACAY. With the help of Pastor Jun Falogme, we are still making arrangements to accommodate our other volunteers from Iloilo at either Willy’s or St Vincent’s at the lowest available rates!



MEDICINES –We have a surplus of unused medicines from last year’s mission that Pastors Roming and Leanette Jabano have stored for us. This will tremendously help us save funds for the purchase of medicines for both medical and dentalWe plan to purchase medicines from the local health office or Barangay in Boracay to avoid having to transport them from Iloilo. Pastor Jun Falogmeof Boracay has been entrusted to coordinate this effort.


T-SHIRTS – Like they did last year, Pastor Roming and Leanette Jabano will find the best quality of work for the best price! T-shirts will be about 150 PHP each. We also left last year’s streamers with the Jabanos for safe-keeping. They should still be useable for this year’s mission.


DOCTORS/DENTISTS/NURSES – The host churches in Boracay will compliment current team efforts to recruit additional doctors, dentists & nurses for their particular location.



  1. Used clothes/shoes/toys, etc–We plan to fill 10 balikbayan boxes with goodies! Each of the 3 locations will get 3 boxes – one for each church and 2 for the mission recipients in their area.
  2. A gift bag filled with food stuff per registered person/family.
  3. A bag of refreshments

P.S. You can check out photos from the 2 previous missions: