To visit and bring aid to the world’s most vulnerable people.

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  • Incorporated in the State of California May 17, 1999;
  • Pure Works is a United States based, non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation;
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From Rich Young:

We have been supporting humanitarian causes since 1999. What we have seen accomplished in the lives of women and children continues to inspire us to do more. We hope that how we do it will inspire you to join and collaborate with us in your thoughts, prayers, resources and personal involvement!

With financial resources, we multiply the value of each donor’s dollar. We call this leverage giving; being able to take your project dollars, and multiply the value of each dollar to make it worth far more by purchasing or obtaining goods far below their wholesale value, and subsequently delivering them to widows, orphans, and other needy individuals of the world.

Consider our first project, the “George Young Memorial – a Zambia Container Project.” For less than US$15,000 we delivered to Zambia missions more than US$140,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies.

Or one of our more recent projects, the “Abba Father Medical Brigade and Concerts 2002.” For less than US$15,000 we delivered more than US1.1 million dollars worth of wholesale medicine to Zambia.


It is our commitment to excellence and strong business skills that has helped us expand our own business, Action Residential Mortgage, ten-fold in our first six years in business. We’ve now been in business nearly twenty years. We apply those values, tactics and skills to humanitarian efforts through Pure Works.

We are excited about other numerous projects, both planned and completed, locally, and around the world.

These projects include Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Nepal, the Philippines, Burundi, Zambia, and locally in San Francisco.

Our best results are coming from key strategic alliances made with people who are experienced, and knowledgeable in caring for the poor, especially orphaned children, and widows. To name a few, these include Global Operations & Development, MAP International, Operation Blessing, Feed My Starving Children, Philippine Relief and Development Services and Heart For The World.

These are people we trust; people who know how to bring about lasting change for those in need.

Thanks so much for your time, your thoughts and prayers, and your collaborative interest in Pure Works!

Rich Young


The Medicine

The Medicine

Bringing medicine into a country that needs it is a very good thing. And, since it is a gift to those who need it most it has relatively no "commercial" value and nor is it used to trade or barter. As an example, this medicine brought into Zambia last week has a commercial value of $1,600. This...

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Jordan International Aid (JIA Collaboration for Nepal)

Jordan International Aid (JIA Collaboration for Nepal)

Nepal Collaboration Jordan International Aid (JIA) is currently in Nepal. Pure Works is grateful we were able to collaborate in their mission by helping them procure a portion of their medicine. This is of course crucial to any medical mission, and we want to share with you just how far your...

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Tears of Joy Replace Tears of Sorrow in Ganeshthan

Tears of Joy Replace Tears of Sorrow in Ganeshthan

Parisha helped the team during patient intake, escort people to and from triage, and even with some treatments, when appropriate. On the final day of clinics, ReliefWorks team member John Everlove, a paramedic from Ventura, Calif., presented Parisha with her very own stethoscope - the one Everlove...

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