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November 2014






Saturday, November 8, 2014

Supporting Churches

Bay Church, Greater Life Church, Lighthouse Fellowship, Hosanna! Celebration Center

A Foursquare CBAY Division Sanctioned Event

 Pure Works and Supporting Churches



Engage Ministry Concert |    The Engage Seminar    |    the rich young band     |    The Vocals     |     The Line Up     

The Ministry Purpose 

Have you ever seen a more than a half-dozen musicians, a dozen vocals, and a dozen senior pastors from various churches and denominations working together in ministry?

Our purpose is to completely engage in praise and worship ministry like you've never seen before!

Dare to change...dare to ENGAGE!


Seth Waters - (host)

Norman Doromal

Brian Goodell

Leroy Johnson

Leversie Johnson


Featured Band 

 "rich young band"


Special Guests (see pics below)

Pastor Mark Palazzolo, Cathedral of Faith - Acoustic Guitar

David "Hitman" Carranza, Cathedral of Faith - Electric Guitar

Gabriel Perez, Cathedral of Faith - Electric Guitar

Kirk Williams - Abundant Life Christian Fellowship (ALCF) - Keys/Organ - Piano

Scott Clay - Bass Guitar

Sal Hernandez - Drums

Aurora Marra - New Beginnings Community Church (NBCC) - Music Director & Lead Soprano/Alto Vocal

Tiffany Price - Abundant Life Christian Fellowship (ALCF) & New Beginnings Community Church (NBCC) - Soprano Vocal

Vivita Maisema - Bay Church - Soprano Vocal

Alyan Layug - Bay Church - Soprano Vocal

Fionna Fabby - Lighthouse Christian Fellowship - Alto Vocal

Kimberly Marsh - Bay Church - Alto Vocal

Cynthia Coates - New Beginnings Community Church (NBCC) - Alto Vocal

George Coates - New Beginnings Community Church (NBCC) - Tenor Vocal

Ray Balatbat - Bay Church - Tenor Vocal


Below - 2014 Band



Saturday, November 8th, 2014

5:30-7:30 pm


Bay Church

Bay Church

321 Taraval Street, San Francisco 94116


Feedback from

Pastors and Musicians

from the

November 2011 Seminar & Concert


Above - 2011 Band

Lighthouse Christian FellowshipPastor

So far there's a lot of positive feedback while the negative ones are not really negative in a sense that it was bad. Rather, just meaning to highlight areas of improvement. For example, the breakout session for the vocals really did not accomplish anything as there were one too many facilitators. Their personal testimonies ate much of the time that they were not able to get into the basics of what the session was all about. Pastor Norm and Fanny Doromal

I believe that everthing said and done were geared to meet the theme; and it was right on the money. Unfortunately, some areas were missed during the seminar.  Our worship family (team) are new to this ministry. They know the theology of worship, but are new to the concept of leading worship. So, one of my suggestions during the seminar is to address the basic need of song leading, such as how to select songs, the importance of chords, rehearsals, etc.  I believe Mark touched on these, but not enough due to time constraints.

The evening celebration was one of the best that I've participated in for quite a long time. Thank you for the wonderful seminar and celebration. Our team was truly blessed by it. 


Greater Life

We thouroughly enjoyed the seminar and believe everthing came off very well. The speakers were informative, but we do believe there could have been fewer speakers allowing for more time for the speakers. The finale celebration was grand and the sound was good. We look forward to the next event; please keep us informed.  Pastors Leroy and Leversie Johnson 

Hosanna! Celebration CenterPastor

What an awesome time of ministry, teaching and fellowship we had on Saturday. The caliber of people you brought in to share with us were \"top notch\"; and I\'m not just referring to their talent, but most importantly their heart to serve and pour into the lives of others. I know all were blessed personally as well as their congregations are going to be blessed as the insights and new understandings gained are taken back to their respective places of worship. 


Most importanly I believe San Francisco (and the Bay Area) will be changed, for the better, because of the "Spirit" anointed and blessed worship released over our city that evening. Thank you, Rich. Keep up the good work (ministry)! Pastor Dan and Bonnie Selman

PS: Your attention to detail and keeping us on schedule through a packed day without quenching the! Job well done! Let me know when you do the next "Who Am I?" locally so I can get more of our team there to receive the blessing. 

Seth and MariaBay Church

My favorite thing about this gathering was the heart of the people involved.  While Rich did an incredible job organizing this as an event, the day came alive as people from many different gatherings of believers came together to seek the heart of God. There was unity among the believers and it was a powerful thing! Yeah God!  

I was very satisfied with the event.  I think next time we will learn to better promote the night of worship so we can have more people there but even with the few it was very powerful. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for your heart to serve our movement.  We are blessed by you and I believe God is going to move through this concept of providing training for churches in amazing ways.

Feel free to use the things I have said to share as you promote future events like this.  If you need something written let me know and Ill do my best to get it to you.  Also – feel free to invite our worship people to any event you are doing!  I know they would be honored to be invited and may be able to help you if they are available!

Thank again for a great time Rich; great job! Pastor Seth and Maria Waters


BarneyI think this concept is very good and healthy; especially on a small group level. I liked the variety of presenters and topics dealing with practical issues like soundsystems and team practices, your insistence on timeliness for the sessions (even your 5 minute warning signs!), and the interactiveness of the Q & A sessions.  I also really like that you\'re reaching out to the small churches since most of our churches are under 100 and most of which have very few skilled musicians. You yourself are helping many of these churches by going and helping them on Sundays, and I hear you incorporate training them during the week for the teams. That\'s good stuff man. Keep me in the loop for future events. Pastor Barney Wiget  

JerryEXTREME Bassist - Jerry Watts

THANKS for inviting Carol and me to participate. It was wonderful to worship and share, and humbling to be with such committed servants. We really appreciated the opportunity to learn from and worship with you! We look forward to the next time together. Congrats on a successful seminar and may big blessings come your way! Jerry Watts 

Vocalist/Actress - Carol Huston-Watts

CarolJerry and I had such a wonderful time with you and everyone at the worship seminar and celebration! We met such amazing worshippers and feel like we have so many new friends in Northern California. Thank you for including us and giving us the opportunity to be with you! We are so touched by the work your are doing for churches and all of the gifts you are giving away; you have an amazing heart! Let us know if we can join with you again in the future. You blessed us so much!! Carol Huston-Watts