June 2014 Zambia Mission

Take a look at the iDream Team at the Arthur Davison Children's Hospital in Ndola, Zambia!

Market 2 near Ndola 2014


June 23rd pictures posted on Facebook by iDream team-leader, SAMUEL SIKAPIZYE

iDream Team 2014

Praying for children Arthur Davison Childrens Hospital 2 2014Praying for children Arthur Davison Childrens Hospital 2014Arhur Davison Childrens Hospital Ndola 2014

Market near Ndola 2014




Click on "Post" below and take a look at Pastor Sam's welcoming committe near the Hope Fellowship Community Center near Ndola, Zambia!  



The pictures below are from June 11th. Samuel Sikapizye, the team leader and founder of Operation iDream, will accompany the team of about ten for two-weeks beginning June 14th.

Medicine for iDream Team

Pure Works coordinated the purchase of medicine for this mission to Sam and team. The wholesale value of the medicine donated for this mission by MAP International is just over $24,000


Discussing iDream MissionThe above is a meeting discussing the iDream Mission for Zambia. The mission dates are June 14th - 30th.