FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011

The below report just came in from Cagayan de Oro via email.

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the late news, it's just hard to get Wifi here with our busy schedule.

It's Saturday morning here and today we will be helping to build a
descent shelter for a pastor here in Cagayan de Oro. Alex_and_Joy_in_Philippines We haven't seen the place yet but Pastor Jun said that where they live now, which they call parsonage looked very depressing especially after a rain where they walk around the place on mud. Please pray that we'll be used to bless him and the family with the resources we have.

So far, we have done two clinics and visited several schools, jail and a police academy. I was in the clinics most of the time but according to reports, all of the police officers and recruits numbering to about 500 came forward during the prayer call.


God is really doing great and mighty things we do not know and we are just so blessed to be here.

I will try to send you more updates and in behalf of the team, thank
you for all your prayers and the other means of support you provided.


PS: Kindly forward this mail to the ones I missed - Thanks again.

Update Report 2