Burundi July 2008

Burundi, AFRICA - July/August 2008 - Rich Young, Leopold Banzubaze, Harlyn & Jeri Matson, Chip Graves, the Pure Works Zambia Band (yes, Zambia) and another fifty plus US and Burundi team members lead a four-day rally in a town called Ngozi.
The featured Sunday speaker was our own Pastor Watton Kawala from Pure Works Zambia. With more than 7,000 in attendance from all over the country, medical and dental services were offered free and more than $2,000,000 worth of wholesale medicine was provided for those in need through MAP International, the Kingsway Foundation, and others. As well were other projects that included the First Lady of Burundi speaking to community leaders, forums and seminars, and a special concerted effort towards children under the age of twelve with food, sodas and bracelets. The collaborative effort included The Foursquare Foundation, Hearts Without Borders and The Church On The Way.